what is CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN plays a vital role in increasing your website speed, CDN doesn’t replace web hosting it is the extra thing which you add besides your web hosting. In this article I am going to talk to you today about WordPress and using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and how a CDN can be beneficial for just about any type of site.

If you have tons of visitors your server will get overload and your website might get slow and unresponsive you will feel that your website is loading slow and your visitors or potential customers might not wait longer and you may lose your potential customers and visitors. So, how do we deal with that is with the help of CDN? What CDN does that it distributes the static content of your websites like pictures and videos and puts them in different locations around the world and that varies which CDN Network you are using.

You are going to see better improvements when you are actually dealing with media heavy site such a maybe a photo blog or any type of site where you display large images or have a lot of static content you are distributing.

CDN is a Content Delivery Network and the goal of CDN is to distribute generally static media to your users who are visiting your website. Usually, your site is going to be optimized for delivering text type content to the users, a CDN is going to be usually the inverse to that, it’s not that great to delivering text type content to users. It is going to be more optimized to delivering media types to users.

One benefit of using a CDN is the fact that they use a geographical data type of resolution to make sure you are going to hit the CDN server that is closest to your geographic location, you get performance benefit with that as your users are only going to download the content location that is close to them meaning that they are probably going to get the content quicker to their browser. They don’t have to wait the long period of time while the images load on their site also because it allows for a sort of pipelining of downloading of media files. They will be able to more media files at the single time from a CDN as opposed directly from your site due to the architecture of the CDN.

CDN Plugins

There are several CDN plugins that you can take advantage of in WordPress. One of those is going to be the CDN tools which you can find on the WordPress start plugin repository that deals with the Rackspace cloud files product. It’ll actually when you upload a file it’ll just go ahead and send that file off the cloud files then you’ll benefit from a .(2.14 min). CDN pulling that media directly from cloud files. Another one that supports the fairly larger variety of CDN is going to be W3 total cache which does as well supports the Rackspace cloud files.

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